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My ideas on NL Texas Holdem Tourneys

I don't think there are many guys who actually know how to win these things... I figured some things out this year while thinking about the tournament for about three days after winning my seat. I kept coming back to Chan and Unger... these guys won it more than once... how did they pull that one off when you have to get lucky to win? So that's when it hit me that what they must be doing is winning pots where no luck is involved... mainly not even seeing a flop.

Started doing a little math... suppose you have AK, the way I hear it your chances of improving on the flop are about 2:1. If you have a pair under tens, your chances of flopping a set or overpair are smaller than improving a non-pair hand. So the idea is to be able to figure out whether someone has one of those hands that will dominate you, like QQs up, and push them off of anything else. If they see a flop, even better... because most players won't continue with an unimproved KQo or a pair of threes. So to win those tourneys, you figure out two things. One is when the blinds are going to fold. Two is whether a pre-flop raiser has a strong hand or a weak hand. That's it. Then it's all about stealing and restealing.

If you can't figure someone out, stay away from them and only attack the people that you can. Then the people who are good are going to see you making moves, and you just make sure you have the goods when you confront them. You can spot these guys pretty easily... all you have to do is watch what they're looking at when they aren't in a hand. If they're watching everything, chances are they're good to stay away from.

So that's it.
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