Rusty Boyd (havoj) wrote,
Rusty Boyd

It's been a long time... long time...

So I haven't been updating this thing for about a year. Cool things have happened. Here's the lowdown:

(1) Spent about five months in Antigua. Good times... mainly just getting high a lot and playing some poker online while my little brother worked on a little bit of software. Made some good friends, and went to go see Montserrat, which is a neighboring island with a live volcano on it.

(2) Swung down to Vegas with four grand to my name after my stint in the islands... bought into a super satellite and won a seat into the World Series of Poker. Came in 12th. It was a very surreal experience. Got eighty grand and a lot of exposure on ESPN.

(3) Moved out to Culver City and put together a few guys to play poker with.

That's about it... I'll add details about the whole WSOP thing.
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