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Nothing so sad as an unhappy man

Decided to make the first journal entry at a lucky time... I heard once that if you make a wish at 3:33, it'll come true. So my wish is that this year I'll be able to make my million at the World Series of Poker, convince Katie Holmes that she's in love with me, and move out of my 10' x 10' shanty in downtown Columbia, Missouri. So cross your fingers, friends and fans... perhaps this year is my year. Maybe it would make up for last year, where I got dumped on harder than this guy.

But don't get the idea that I'm bitter about missing my cruise... I'd much prefer being poor to being employed. For now, I'm making my living salvaging the dot-com mess and playing poker. Tonight I took a beating (down about $200), so I'm staying at the low limit tables until I build a healthier bankroll. I hate being down here, but it has to be done... humility comes before greatness, and hopefully the humbler the humility the greater the greatness. That's what I tell myself every time I get aces cracked and yell out "I've got a fucking DOCTORATES DEGREE!" at the 2-4 table.

Oh yeah... and I met the girl of my dreams. Her name is Christi. She's going into Med school. She looks a lot like the girl from Rounders, which is appropriate, right? Definitely Hollywood all the way. I'm in love... just need to play it right (and not let her see where I live). Anyway, she definitely has all the qualities I'm looking for in an ex-wife...

Oh yeah... and I'm going to cover a song by Willie Nelson. I'm going to do it with a bit of a groove reggae style. It sounds awesome. Trust me.
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