Rusty Boyd (havoj) wrote,
Rusty Boyd

Easter Sunday... Got all dressed up to go to church with my mom because she guilted me into it last night. Then when I got there she wanted to leave because my baby brother Austin was being a bit fussy. So I worshipped at Ruby Tuesday's over the catch of the day.

So now I'm waiting for Easter dinner... woohoo. Love that good home-cooking. My step-dad and mom have a lot of fun sometimes sitting around the living room making up songs for Austin. The lyrics are pretty bad, like "My name is Austin Blaine, and I have big feet, and my dad has big feet too." It's all sung to nursery-rhyme like chord progressions. They are talking about making a CD... I'm sure it will be really big in Japan.

So last night at the campout I met a guy who does some scratching on turntables. I think I'm going to try to put together something with him and Judd... try to replicate that bomb-ass Portishead sound, but do it with more of an American cool-kid style. Now to just find the perfectly haunting female lead vocalist and the busta-rhymes wannabe who can freestyle better than Tricky. Only then will I get laid.
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