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Rusty Boyd's Journal

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Monday, April 22nd, 2002
1:40a - Getting back into the swing of things
Haven't updated in awhile. Since we last talked...

- I went to San Francisco for a weekend. Did some business. Picked up a girl. Got laid. Spent way too much money... but hey, that's the bay. Didn't hang out with any of my brothers friends... next time, though!

- Snuck into a few movies with Judd... it's always more fun if you don't pay to see it. Actually, I guess we didn't really sneak in, since we paid for one and stayed for two. So it's not as cool as it sounds, but still... The first time we did it was with Death to Smoochy (yuck!). We tried to sneak into Van Wilder, which was playing like twenty minutes later. But then this guy came into the theater (which just had us two in it) and it went something like :

"Can I see your tickets?"
"Uhhhh...," shuffling through our pants, "we must have thrown them away."
"I see... well, are you guys supposed to be in here?"
"Uhhhh... no."

The second time, we saw Changing Lanes and then snuck in SUCCESSFULLY to Van Wilder. The third time, it was Murder by Num8ers then the Scorpion King. All of them were pretty lame. Murder by Numbers had some pretty tense relationships, though. It reminded me a lot of Quills. If you haven't seen Quills, you should... it'll make you want to do bad things. ;)

- Found out my brother (NOT verbal) knocked a girl up, so now he's going to get married next month... and right in time for me to miss the Word Series of Poker. The plan is getting hitched on the 26th. I'm still planning on going out there, though, and if I make it into the WSOP, I probably will miss the wedding. Sorry, Georgie, but you have to PLAN a wedding so that everyone can make it.

- Played around with a guy named Travis... me on the guitar and him on the turn tables. Sounded REALLY good at some points... except that I busted my highest two strings, so I was basically playing a bass. But some of the chord progressions we were putting together sounded pretty sweet. It'll sound even better with a really solid female vocalist.

Other than that, not much has been going on. I've been getting high a lot and not doing much, except for throwing around ideas for stories and screenplays. I think I might just write one of my story ideas down tonight.

I played in a Pot Limit Hold'em tournament tonight and came in third. I could tell you about the bad beat I had, but I'm sure you're not interested to hear how my pocket Queens were busted by a guy with K-J. It's a huge pain in the ass... the difference between third and second is $200, and third and first is $450. So instead of winning big, I came out $280 ahead after factoring in the buy-in. Still not too bad.

I have to get my ass to Vegas really soon. I'm planning on going to see my little brother in Jersey... then leaving from Jersey to Vegas. I think Rob and I would have a kick ass time up in NY/NJ. Plus there are a bunch of underground cardrooms up there that I could put my skills to use in.

Well, I'm off to play some more poker. I have to log 1500 raked hands this week if I want to play in the Pokerstars tourney where they send someone to the WSOP. That's looking like 30 hours. Yikes. I best get cracking!

current mood: good

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