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Rusty Boyd's Journal

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Monday, March 25th, 2002
8:02p - Applying myself
So after watching the Oscars last night, I decided I would try and finish a screenplay and submit it to a few studios. I worked out five more pages on my "Deacon" script... a story about a blackjack counter who assumes different identities to try and figure out who he is. It's coming along ok... but I'm starting to feel blocked... I have a few really good scenes in my head. Projects are hard to finish, and it doesn't really mean anything until I write THE END on the script and can really start polishing and presenting it.

Also, Big Brother 3 is taking applications to live in that little house at the end of this summer. I figure I'll apply and see what happens. I've got a compelling enough story (18 yr old law grad turned dot-com ceo turned gambler) and a distinct look... we'll see how it goes. If I get on, I figure I stand a decent chance at taking home the prize. The strategy would go as follows:

(1) For the first few days, blend in. Don't piss anyone off, and present yourself as the every man. Be social. The one who gets voted off first is the one that either pisses someone off, acts homesick, or doesn't socialize. The first and second vote, people are looking for EXCUSES to vote somebody off... inevitably, one or two people will make a play and point the finger, while trying to convince everyone else that it's the right decision. Go along with it.

(2) After the first two votes, power players will start to evolve... people who exert influence over others. Also, alliances will form. Only try to win the head of household if an alliance forms... then break it up as diplomatically as possible. Do not get into an alliance early in the game. Even if there are two such alliances, you can bet that they'll be more worried about the other alliance than an outsider.

(3) When there are six or so people left, it starts to get tricky. This is when you should start thinking of alligning yourself with two other strong contestants. Everyone is basically going to be friendly at this point... if not, the odd man out has to go. But otherwise, look for excuses like "Mr. X really misses his family, so he should be voted out". The trick is to allign yourself with strong but unliked contestants.

So that's the plan. If anyone has a better strategy, I'd like to hear it... a lot of it is going to have to be done on the fly, but at least the first couple of days the strategy seems straightforward enough. Be liked, but don't seem TOO eager, or you'll look weak.

current mood: creative

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